TW: Body horror, trauma, rape, addiction, suicide. The art within depicts some heavy topics which can be triggering for some. If you are sensitive, please use caution when viewing the galleries.

Khaotyk Lenormand 2018

Voltaire Oracle 2020

Messages 2022

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This was my first shot at creating a hand painted deck. I opted for the Lenormand because it was closest to 31 total cards (36) of the divination decks. It has some roughness in the execution so I will redo this before I contemplate going to production.

Food Dragons 2019

The Abyss Stares Back 2021

This year was rough. I created a fan art oracle based off of my favorite artist Aurelio Voltaire. I even gave them meanings so people could give themselves readings at the shows. Unfortunately only one show made it before lockdown began, so the other group got robbed.

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I then created some group paintings to create recipe cards. I did in fact create the actual recipes and present them at the show with a link back to my exhibit.

I've had a lot of interest in a full recipe book. It is on the list to be done. 

2021 Here is the link to the Google Slides Presentation See how well you fare in the guessing game. Muahaha

and the video.

Fun a Day

This year was prolific! I did a selection of 31 earth elemental dragons based on food items (animal, veggie, fruit, and herbs). The main project was the individual dragons with a matching game.

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Finally, I had enough time to do some UV mini panels (in the UV section) and dye/paint my company shemagh (in the misc section).

We didn't have a formal show like usual due to lock down. I was sick in bed with the plague for the month, so I got a lot of time to sit and see the media messages and note the language I heard around me. I decided it was a good time to do a mental health piece. I took note of everything I heard and read for January, positive and negative for both external and internal. 

The normal looking one is the positive. The black light is the negative. 

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2021 gave us some heavy challenges. We had to do a virtual show due to the lock down. This gave us the opportunity to open up to international viewers and artists to display.

This year's project was a cluster of 31 macro eyes, held together by a shaped board. It is a behemoth standing 4'10" tall. I used a combination of film and animated graphics within my Google slides presentation to create a game and fun experience.

Fun a Day is a great little art challenge where you do one thing a day in January and showcase it in Feb (or March). You can do 31 days of work or do 1 piece a day for the 31 days. Some people create songs, others do one huge thing, others do several small things. Me? I use it as a chance to test new materials and techniques. There are two local groups for me, Reseda and Los Angeles. I have done both shows since 2018.

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Traveling through the realms of body horror, psychological terror, and the occult.

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