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I actually tried to keep close to the challenge list that year. I chose rare medical conditions that related to the key word. Again, not enough time to do work daily and did not make it through the full list. 

This was my first Inktober challenge and first deck of cards I created for a daily challenge. It is an oracle deck based on the group of deities called Azerate. I based it on depictions within The Grimoire of Tiamat. I may have not followed any list, but I did keep it to ink (sharpie and ballpoint).  

I started to do research into finding more authentic depictions where possible. I want to flesh this into a major working deck for production one day.

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Momento Tea Gallery 2019

Medical 2018

I liked the official list this year. It was very "dragon only" friendly.

Traveling through the realms of body horror, psychological terror, and the occult.

I opted to do a different list from the Momento Tea Gallery. In order to be more time friendly, I did it collage style.

Most know Inktober, the daily art challenge that covers October with focus on ink. Other "tober" lists have come up over the years to make things more interesting. These can alter mediums as well as themes.

I have participated in this in several ways over the past few years. I mostly have kept to ink, but have strayed from the lists on a few of the years. This one I've had issue completing as Oct is usually hectic for me. Perhaps I'll do a "KhaoTober" one year... >.>

Goretober 2020

I attempted a rune card set that year. Things got crazy so I could not finish them. I definitely will be revisiting this for production later. There has been interest. 

Azerate Oracle 2016

TW: Body horror, trauma, rape, addiction, suicide. The art within depicts some heavy topics which can be triggering for some. If you are sensitive, please use caution when viewing the galleries.

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Inktober 2021

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This year I opted not only for a different list, but for one that didn't emphasize ink. I got to get out some pented up feelings, it acted like a form of therapy for me. 

Druatch Rune Cards 2017