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Yes/No cards are a new oracle type that is designed to facilitate answering yes or no questions easier than how you do so with tarot. Not an overly popular deck style, but I figured I'd do a few designs.

Most of my divination pieces were created within Fun a Day and Inktober. I use those challenges to create mock ups of decks that I may extend to mass production later. Within this page is automatic art, tarot art, and misc decks that are not apart of the aforementioned series.

These are some tarot art I've done for various projects. They may or may not end up in a full deck, no real plans at the moment.

What is automatic art you wonder? It is art done under a trance state to help divine a message. While channeling is most often used to connect with a spirit or deity, it can also be used to connect with yourself. This is very handy when processing deep emotions like trauma or child wounds. The art allows the subconscious to speak without the conscious filtering it. Exercises are done the next day to process what is being conveyed and release it.

I have examples of both an emotionally channeled one (done when my abusive father died) and ones that accompanied a card reading (adding an extra layer to the reading).

Automatic Art

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TW: Body horror, trauma, rape, addiction, suicide. The art within depicts some heavy topics which can be triggering for some. If you are sensitive, please use caution when viewing the galleries.

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Tarot Art

Yes/No Cards

Traveling through the realms of body horror, psychological terror, and the occult.